Feeling  the Bevel Difference is about showing and telling. Visualizing head to toe grooming goods customized for Black Men who want to look and feel their best. Our team cast a diverse group of men getting ready for their day and using Bevel for Shave,Hair,Beard and Body, The manifesto shows five stories in 30 seconds, with a film-inspired affect. Additional footage was used to craft individual stories at 15 seconds for each man, slated to release for each buying season and Bevel's evergreen Shave + Hair portfolio.
Gifting Season 1—Black Friday/Cyber Monday 
Targeted message towards gifting, with a small selection of assets that range from awareness-focussed video storytelling to purchase-driving acquisition ads in still, carousels and  video. Additionally, front end e-commerce site updates with coordinating assets introduced at this time. 
Gifting Season 2—Valentine's Day
Strategy was to test a storytelling asset (left) against more direct purchase-driving messaging (right). 
Gifting Season 3—Father's Day

Evergreen Content for Bevel Shave and Hair slated to run for the rest of 2022

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